The Life of Allotments

Credits: Anastazja Kadziela (director), Association of Creative Initiatives “ę” (producer)
Source: Doc Next Network Media Collection / 
Production/Publish Date: 2011

Film focuses on the residents of urban garden allotments – mostly pensioners, but also their children, working people, families with small kids. The allotments, relics of the era of People’s Republic of Poland, are the greatest joys of those who utilize them. They create a specific microcosm within the allotments. Little arguments and malignancies coexist with helpfulness and sympathy. To the author the allotments are a miniature of Poland.

Film produced in 2011 by  as part of “Poland.doc” project within Doc Next Network.

This work is part of Doc Next Network media collection. For more information visit:




Belgesel / Kurmaca Film, Kentsel Haklar ve Katılım, Sosyal Topluluklar ve Ağlar, Uluslararası Bağlantılar, Video

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